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Name:Donaldo Aceves-Morales
Birthdate:May 12
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Name: Donaldo Aceves-Morales
Age: 31
Occupation: Club Bouncer/bartender
Lycanthropy: Donaldo is a werewolf, though only came into his ability to shift forms a decade ago. Regardless of moon phase, Don can shift into his other form, which is a large, volatile creature somewhere between man and wolf. In this state, Don's stamina, senses, and other physical capabilities are far above the average person's. The double edge to this mighty sword is that the transformation takes a huge amount of effort to produce, and once in this mode, the ability to control one's actions takes much physical and mental calculation. In essence, it's much like a berserker fury, where one can see, but can barely control, their own actions.

Boxing: As a teenager, Don was heavily into boxing, even going so far as to fight in a few underground matches. Though not as proficient as a professional, he's still a formidable foe.

About: Donaldo Aceves-Morales was the fourth child of six in a devout home. Once a practicing Catholic, his faith and boxing were what kept him out of gangs in the El Sereno neighborhood of East L.A. He kept to himself, and had a promising future as a boxer if he stuck to his convictions.

This was ended, though, when he and his younger brother were walking home one night. Caught in the crossfire of a gang fight, Don's younger brother was shot down before his eyes. Seeing this triggered his first shift. In a roar of bloodlust, Don killed the perpetrators of his brothers' deaths before running from the scene.

He awoke from his shift miles from home, naked and covered in the blood of his assailants. After washing himself in the L.A. River, he rolled over a homeless man for his clothing and kept running, never contacting his family to let them know he was safe.

For a few years, Don lived as a transient until he was coerced into the underground world of boxing. He was decent, but not so great as to make a living out of it. After saving up enough money, he rented out a single apartment for himself and found a job as a bouncer.

Donaldo is an original character. Mun and muse are over 18.
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